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Thank You Ocean City Comic Con!

A huge thank you to the Ocean City Comic Con for having me! A mega shout out to James Dufendach and the entire crew for putting on one hell of a show! And a huge shoutout goes to the Grand Hotel and Staff for making this show the best! This was a huge success for the first year and I’m glad I got to be a big part of it! The event was great and so was everyone there! I can’t wait until next year!

My panel, Cosplay is for Everyone was a huge success! I am still overwhelmed with how amazing it was to see the seats filled and people standing in the back. Again, still in shock! Everyone who came all participated and we had a great time. The comments and Q&A’s are still coming in! This was my second solo panel and I enjoyed it!

I also had so much fun being a judge for the costume contest along side with Jarvis Cosplay and Toxic Girl Cosplay and special thanks to the host, Katie Coe Cosplay! So many wonderful and talented people came out. It was not easy! But it was fun!

It was a great family reunion and many more added in!


Ocean City Comic Con

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