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Thank you Jersey Shore Comic Book Show!

A huge thank you goes out to Mary and Dan that run the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show! I believe this was my fourth time this year with them and I enjoy every minute of it! I am so thrilled at this past year with all the opportunities they have opened up for me and I am so grateful for them and all the shows they host! I am looking forward to joining them in 2018!

All the amazing artists, guest and vendors really made the show! So much to choose from at such a great show! And of course we couldn’t have a show without major support from the patrons of the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show!

It was a great family reunion and many more added in! I had a great time debuting my Hydra Peggy Carter which fit in nicely with the Holiday theme….ok maybe not too festive, but it was nice to even out the Villains and the Heroes.

So very happy with all my cosplay family that came out in support of the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show: Candy Doom Bunny Cosplay, Cupid Cosplay, Daniel DKT, Matt aka NerdBro102, Michael Sweeney and Bill! They really were there when we needed them!


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